When You Throw Your Mattress Away
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When You Throw Your Mattress Away

During our home improvement sessions that take place every 5 or 10 years or so, we usually end up throwing a lot of things we do not need away. These items may have been damaged or worn and torn to their maximum capacity.Some others may simply loose our interest and practical use.

Either way, we toss these things to the garbage, leaving them to wait for the truck to take them away. But, where can our mattresses go when we no longer can use them?

Mattresses are cherished items indeed, keeping our backs straight and relaxed during many refreshing nights, supporting us during our naps and sleeps. However, there comes a time when the springs inside our mattresses lose their capabilities, getting deformed, pushing the stuffing out, ripping the cotton package that holds the whole thing together. Usually, this takes place after about 10 years of constant usage. So, what can you do when you cannot use your old mattress anymore? Well, you leave them at the closest landfill, many would claim.

This is easier said than done, taking into consideration that mattresses take up a lot of space, most landfills will not take your newest contribution kindly. Alternatively, you can throw the entire bed out, as most refurbishing companies will advise you to do, but then you will have additional expenses to add to your future shopping list. This is where mattress recyclers come into the picture and stay there for many, many years to come.

There are many mattress recyclers in forms of companies and small businesses, you just need to know where to look for them. The best step would be to search them online before making any physical steps towards them. Once you find a mattress recycling company willing to provide you with their services, you can expect that about 90% of your mattress will be completely reused. From the cotton that your bed used to support you, you can get clothes while the springs and wood can be reused in many different ways.

What is in it for you? Simply, you can get paid for the mattress donation you made, using the money for investing in a new one. Alternatively, you can ask the good mattress recyclers to refurbish your existing mattress, giving it back to you once they are done – for a price, of course. Finally, you can donate your mattress to charity after returning it its previous shine. The opportunities and choices are various.

Therefore, next time you decide to just throw something you do not need away, think about the consequences of your actions and bear the useful existence of mattress recyclers in mind

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