Recycling Liquid Dish Soap Bottles
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Recycling Liquid Dish Soap Bottles

Keep empty liquid dish soap bottles out of the landfill. You can reuse and recycle them in many ways.

If you wash even a few dishes by hand, the chances are that you've thrown away a mountain of empty liquid dish soap bottles over time. Why not recycle at least a few and keep them out of the landfill? Here are some ideas:

They're good as plain squirt bottles, wherever you might need one. I use one to fill the water reservoir (for humidity) on a portable electric heater because the opening is so small I tend to spill water when using any other container. A squirt bottle works perfectly.

What better way to use a squirt bottle than to squirt someone? The kids will have lots of fun with these in the yard when it's hot out.

Empty dish soap bottles are also good to squirt water or cleaning mixture onto windows when washing them outside. You won't be spraying all over the window frame and can put the cleaning fluid exactly where you need it.

Use one to squirt water into small crevices when you're cleaning. The vegetable drawers in my refrigerator have weird, small crevices at the top of the back. Other than filling an entire sink of water so I can soak them, the only way to get water into the crevices is to squirt it in. If I do it forcefully enough, the yucky stuff runs out with the water.

Empty liquid dish soap bottles are a good size for funnels. Cut the bottom off, making sure that the edges of the cut are smooth to avoid scratches. If you use it as a funnel with the lid on but the cap off, you can funnel things into some pretty small containers. This is great for liquids of all kinds.

Take the lid off and you have a funnel with a larger opening, better for larger containers or thick liquids and solids. Since you'll soon be having another dish soap bottle to cut, you can use these funnels for yucky stuff and then throw them out when you're through.

Most liquid dish soap bottles are shaped with at "waist" anywhere from halfway up to in the upper area. This makes a perfect shape to craft a doll to hide... dish soap? Or anything else you want to leave out. You can glue or tie cloth that matches your kitchen for clothing, then glue a large wooden bead to the top for the head. Paint on a face, glue on some yarn for hair and there you have it. Get creative with it and you can make several different doll figures.

Use the plastic itself to make cutouts for ornaments like stars or poinsettias. Use a pair of needle nose pliers to hold them over a candle or other small flame just until the edges melt a little, then twist or arrange gently while with the pliers it's still warm. This will make a fancy ornament that won't look at all like a homemade one. Color it with a marker when it cools.

If, after using all you can for these ideas, check with kindergarten or preschool teachers and with daycare centers to see if they can use some free squirt bottles. Don't let a good plastic bottle go to waste.

Other things you can keep out of the landfill:

Additional resources:

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Comments (8)

These ideas are cool. I love the idea if using squirt bottles instead of water pistols. This would have saved me a fortune when my kids were small.


All good uses and good writing too.

voted up!

Thanks, people! :)

Thanks for sharing this information.

Very good advice and beneficial for the environment.

Good ideas and suggestions to reuse a bottle instead of seeing it in the landfills!