How to Get Rid of Roaches Without Pesticides Naturally Green
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How to Get Rid of Roaches Without Pesticides Naturally Green

how to get rid of roaches naturally, how to get rid of roaches green without pesticides

If you hate roaches in your kitchen but do not wish to use pesticides use these helpful natural green ways of keeping your kitchen roach free.  In addition to roaches, these methods may also help keep other bugs out of your kitchen. If you want to keep roaches out of your kitchen without using pesticides you will need to take away the things that roaches need.  Roaches and other bugs need water, food, and a dark environment to survive.  Eliminate these things and you can eliminate the roaches. 

WATER SOURCES: Roaches and bugs can quench their thirst with your leaky faucets and pipes.  As your faucets drip at night the bugs can have a bath and nice drink.  Make sure that your pipes and faucets do not leak.  Other places these critters can get water is from bowls left soaking in the sink or glasses left un-emptied on the counters.  Try to make sure that when you turn off your lights and leave your kitchen for the night that you empty all containers of water. 

FOOD SOURCES:  Obviously you can not rid your kitchen of food, but you can see that roaches and bugs do not have easy access to your food.  Remove all food from original packaging and store in air tight containers made of a substance that bugs can not eat through such as glass or plastic.  Foods such as fruits can be stored in the refrigerator or be frequently checked for rot and removed when getting too old.  Last, but not least, be sure to check all of your drawers and cabinets for crumbs.  Your drawers and cabinets are a prime source of food for roaches and bugs.  Clean drawers and cabinets frequently to be sure there is no feast available for critters.

DARKNESS AND LIGHT:  Roaches and bugs thrive in the dark and not in the light.  The more light exposed in your kitchen the better.  Consider using shelving without cabinet doors to expose your entire kitchen to full light.  Consider, instead of drawers for utensils, hanging your utensils.  Pots can likewise be hung as opposed to storing under your stove or deep inside cabinets.  Deep corners of dark cabinets and drawers can be havens for bugs even when the lights are on. 

APPLIANCE HAVENS:  Your kitchen appliances may be havens for bugs without your knowing it.  Be sure to clean under all large appliances semi-yearly if not more.  If possible, have your stove, and refrigerator moved to clean underneath.  Open your stove top and drawer on the bottom and clean inside monthly.  With smaller appliances such as blenders and toaster ovens be sure to clean under them often.  Appliances attract bugs because of food and water which is frequently deposited inside and around them.  Keep appliances clean and starve out the bugs.

JUNK:  Sometimes kitchens can be a collection spot for our junk.  We leave things on the counters, drawers, and cabinets.  Try to sort through junk and remove all items in your kitchen not useful to cooking and preparing meals.  Junk collects dirt and tiny food crumbs and can become food or home to critters.

Using all these strategies together should help you reduce or eliminate altogether roaches and food bugs.  Consider similar strategies for bathrooms, garages and other storage areas to eliminate more bugs from your home naturally green without pesticides.    

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