Going Green on Your Energy Consumption
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Going Green on Your Energy Consumption

Learn to reduce your energy bills in your home and save money, a great way to save big.

Going green is becoming more and more common in our everyday lives. Today we have green friendly cars, we have energy efficient power and so many other green initiatives. It seems now is the time to take care of the planet and our future as well. There is still a large and broad frontier that has to be conquered on the home front. It is a known fact that consumer homes consume the most energy and raise the risk of environmental unfriendliness. While going green may be a socially accepted ideology, it can also have many benefits on your pocket and bills as well. It all depends on what you do about it.

Power consumption is a huge energy issue and because of the various ways that power must be made, it has a large impact on the environment. If you are looking to go green and need some practical ways to do it, here are some suggestions you can use and upgrade to:

1. Use green friendly products in your home: Upgrading your cleaning products can do more to your energy bills than your think. For example if you use a certain amount of carpet shampoo to clean your carpet or for your laundry is washed from home, there are products that can do a better job using less resources. This will play a part in the amount of energy that is used say by the vacuum or the dishwasher, the washing machine and other appliances around the home.

2. Change your light bulbs: it is a known fact that most light bulbs consume a large amount of electricity if left on for a long period of time. Also the disposal of these light bulbs is more harmful to the environment particually when you are still using the halogen lightbulbs. Energy saving lightbulbs can help cut your energy bill in half if you use the right ones. There is some concern over how to dispose of these energy saving bulbs but since they last longer, you will not be changing them that often.

3. Turn your machines into Energy Effiecient Machines: You would be surprised that your washing machine and dishwasher would use less power if you set it to do a shorter cycle. This means that you will not only save on water but also on electricity in the long run as well.

4. Invest in an LCD or LED HDTV: TVs consume a lot of electricity especially if you are using an older model TV, buying an LCD or LED HDTV can cut those costs down as well although initialy it may seem impractical, it will eventually pay itself off.

5. Upgrading your Computer to a newer operating system: a lot of computers spend their ‘lives’ in standby or in screen saver mode. Contrary to most beliefs, this does not actually save you power, in fact it can consume more power as convienent as it is because your computer has to keep a lifeline of power flowing since it has not been properly shutdown. The way to work around this is to either upgrade your Computer’s Operating System to Windows 7 if you are a Windows user or Mac OS X Leopard or Snow Leopard for a Mac user. You can also turn the computer off more often than leaving it in standby mode. If you have enough space, you can also hibernate your computer. What hibernation mode does is create a dump file of your computer’s last state which is saved on to the computer hard drive and is loaded when you turn the computer on again.

6. Install Cell phone charger power monitors: In this digital technology age, many small devices spend their lives or their night lives on the charger. Chargers are silent thieves that can consume more power than most people consider. Investing in a charger or app that will automatically shut down your cellphone or the power after your phone or device is done charging is another way to save on your energy bill.

7. Clean out and install a weather strip on the doors of your home. When it is winter, a lot of people will turn on their heaters or some form of warm to increase the warmth in the home. If your home is not secure, this can mean that your energy bill will go up as your home will require more heating to keep it at a warm temperature. Doing something as simple as installing a weather strip at the door can do a lot to reduce your energy bill.

8. Consider your Water Heater: Many water heaters are designed to heat water at a maximum boiling point but very few people ever actually use the water at the highest water heating temperature. You can reduce your water temperature and also consider insulating your water pipes as the colder pipes in winter mean more work for your water heater.

9. Install a Thermostat: If you are using some kind of cooling or heating system that is automated, you can upgrade and install a thermostat that is programmable to control the temperature and also adjust your cooling/heating system so that there is no waste of energy.

10. Turn off any unnecessary power outlets. This may not sound like an upgrade but you will find that many outlets are using up energy because they are not turned off or cleaned. Cleaning your these outlets and plugs can easily make your home more energy efficient.

The benefits of going green are many aside from being able to use less energy you will not need to invest more money as you can save on the money that you already have. Small changes can make big differences after all.

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