Easy Steps Towards Having an Eco- Friendly Home
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Easy Steps Towards Having an Eco- Friendly Home

A list and description of simple ways to create a more Eco-friendly home.

There is no doubt that green is in. What started as a trend that only the flower children followed has now become a part of mainstream Western culture, and attitude in that adopting an eco- friendly lifestyle has become both a physical and financial necessity. The dynamics through which one wastes the most energy, however, is within the home. Here, trash and energy build up, a large portion of which could be transferred to better use. The following are easy steps towards having a more eco-friendly home.


Rapidly, many cities are beginning to provide recycling pick up services in addition to trash pick up. Even those who currently do not offer this service would most likely comply with a local petition given national pressure for municipalities to be more environmentally conscious. Most towns already have their own recycling centers that take paper, plastic and aluminum products. Recycling on a weekly basis can cut the amount of trash a household generates in half.

Switch to Window Air Conditioning Units and Fans

The summer months can bring their toll on an energy bill and shoot it up to several hundred dollars a month. The right combination of window units and fans can help any household use energy more efficiently while also staying cool. Window units with high energy efficiency ratings (EER) can cut electricity costs by a quarter. It is crucial, though, to change the filters every three months and to turn the units off when there is no one in the room. Having a few three- speed fans will use a fraction of the electricity that central air uses and each can cover several dozen square feet. To ensure clean air is circulated, the fans need to be cleaned of dust every couple of weeks.

Use Compost

Conventional recycling takes care of paper and plastic wastes, but organic trash can also be put to good use. Composting involves piling organic matter, ranging from egg shells to banana peels to discarded meat, outside and using a mixture of water, shredded plants and decomposers (such as fungi or worms) and letting the matter decay. After about a year of decomposing, the organic matter is converted to rich nitrates, which is natural fertilizing gold. Many cities have adopted this practice as an alternative to landfills as there is a limited amount of space. At the household level, composting is an efficient way to cut down on waste and nourish a garden at the same time.

Salvage Items

This is not to suggest that everyone accumulates a pile of junk in their yard, but instead is to encourage creativity. It goes with the overused slogan, "One man's trash is another man's treasure." Anyone can use old material to create something new such as using old wood to build a garden fence or constructing a shed out of tin shingles found on the side of the road. Such a push in divergent thinking can help any household lower the costs of materials as well as add unique components to the abode.

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Comments (1)

A simple factor is not to buy stuff you dont need, many people over consume, this is killing the environment, and a waste of money. Smaller homes are way more environmentally friendly and they dont let people accumulate too much junk either!